Does the Job! Plus smells Good!
By Tony
My wife and I are very pleased with the purchase of As Seen on TV FabriClear for Bed Bugs! We have used many other products on the market trying to stay with eco-friendly products because of our pet and allergy's. So far this spray product,we have seen a tremendous turn around in our evil little bed bug problem without having to call a expensive exterminator! We live in a 6 building apartment complex and each unit has 8 apartments and we have had to throw out two beds and it's obvious that we are not the only ones with the problem. We have seen beds that looked brand new sitting by the dumpster a number of times lately. The management has been notified but will not take care of the problem. So it is AWESOME to get GREAT PRODUCTS like As Seen on TV FabriClear for Bed Bugs available and available at WalMart!

The product worked
By MrsCA
I used fabriclear a few years ago on bed bugs that was mainly in my sons room. I did treated the whole house. The product worked good. I was clear of bugs after two weeks. I did spray regularly within those two weeks and also in cracks and crevices.

Works great!
By kingjasin
Was having problems with bedbugs from weeks off and on used other parducts but after a week or so start getting bit again till I used this have not got bit in over two months I truly recommend this.

Love this product
By Abena
So glad I decided to give this product a go!!! I sprayed down all furniture and crevices, baseboards, etc... I haven't heard anyone complain. Will definitely be purchasing more to have on hand and continue to spray down weekly. The smell is not bad to me...Can finally rest in peace.

By None
Relatively easy to use, travel size is always nice. You just never know when your traveling.

Awesome product
By MomofTwoGirls
I am so glad my friend recommended this product to me! I am all about all-natural products that I don't have to worry about the two young kids or my dog being around, and this was great! Safe and non-toxic and it REALLY works! We keep a bottle in our house and it works all everything (not just bed bugs), dust mites and larvae too! We have another bottle my husband takes when he travels and he is sure to spray it before putting his stuff down or climbing into bed at the hotels. I hate using took chemicals, so I was so glad to find this safe, effective, all natural product to use for my family.

Bedbug Spray
By mrsposton
This by far is the best product I have used to fight these little creatures. I sprayed the matress, boxspring my couch and loveseat and havent had any bites since. The spray is like a citrus lemon scent. I think Ill get another bottle just to have.

It works!
By Victory
My husband brought bedbugs home from a work trip. It was the worst feeling ever! I had no idea where to start with getting rid of them. And we have young kids so it had to be non-toxic. Fabriclear works! Non-toxic and it got rid of the bedbugs fast!